international centre for water management services

The business and integrity experts in the water sector!

We are a swiss non-profit association specialised in improving business practices in water and sanitation through training and awareness-raising so as to increase the sector’s integrity and sustainability.

At cewas, we build and strengthen the capacities needed to develop and implement sustainable solutions for the water and sanitation sector. We see challenges as opportunities and believe that in every unsustainable practice such as water pollution, overexploitation or corruption, lies a possibility to take action

Our community brings together young water entrepreneurs, internationally renowned specialists, leading water ambassadors and grassroot organisations, all concerned with sustainably shaping the water and sanitation sector.

Since 2011, we have supported more than 40 motivated young change-makers in the cewas start-up programme to launch their own business or NGO in the water sector. The start-up programme is built with you in mind and includes thematic lectures, workshops and one-to-one coaching sessions all geared to help you follow your dream and put your innovative business idea into practice!

Our integrity trainings and tools have helped companies and organisations around the globe to improve their level of transparency, accountability and participation and to benefit from improved efficiency, lower costs and improved reputation.


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