Beratung & Betreuung für Startups

BlueLion bietet massgeschneiderte Unterstützung für ICT und Cleantech Startups:

You will stay in the driver seat. Always.

We neither want, nor will be able to make the decisions for you. Nonetheless we are happy to function as co-pilots who assist you reading the map and guiding you over bumpy roads.

As a NPO we work in our shared interest.

Since we are a non-profit organization we are not hosting you to get a piece of the cake, but because we believe in progress through capability. We want to enhance the opportunities for young entrepreneurs to unfold and realize their visions. No hidden agenda at BlueLion.

A playground – yet not to play around.

Although we are convinced that a good vibe is key to a successful work environment, we know about the importance of expert talks, an extensive network as well as professional services. That’s why you can count on us if your game gets serious.

Sihlquai 125
8005  Zürich
☎ 043 299 60 60
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