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In Gondwe, WfW has made a professional and sustainable water supply possible. The aim was to use household connections to bring water as close as possible to all of the almost 10,000 inhabitants of the neighbourhood, so that clean water flows and people can live a safe life in dignity.


Gondwe is a peri-urban district in the south of the Zambian capital Lusaka and has almost 10,000 inhabitants. It is the fifth neighbourhood in Lusaka, after John Laing, Kanyama, Linda and Msisi in which WfW is active. In total, more than 100,000 people in Lusaka are given safe access to clean water.

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10,000 residents

CHF 60 per month is the average household income

the majority of residents need more than 30 minutes to get water

Gondwe is a structurally disadvantaged neighbourhood, which is assessed as a low-income neighbourhood according to socio-economic factors and was not connected to the municipal water supply network before WfW's intervention. Water was therefore often obtained through unsafe boreholes, which poses significant health risks, is expensive and does not guarantee constant availability. In addition, fetching water every day is very time-consuming, which significantly limits the opportunities for development, especially for women and girls.

From WfW's perspective, the peri-urban district of Gondwe is of a manageable size, whereby we can create an area-wide impact. In addition, from the beginning of WfW's work in the neighbourhood, there has been a strong demand for a professional water supply system from the residents of Gondwe, which favours the cooperation between WfW and the population and is an important basis for successful project implementation.

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202210 Gondwe Site Visit Jason J Mulikita 00024
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drinking water of high quality and in sufficient quantity directly to 550 households


social financing model and professional management for the entire neighbourhood


area-wide impact: improving health and development opportunities


We seek fair and sustainable water supply solutions for every neighbourhood we work in. This is because the human right to sufficient, safe, physically accessible and affordable water is based on the belief that water is a common good that must be available to all, regardless of financial means.

Resident's needs at the centre

Approaches to the development of water supply in a particular neighbourhood are always based first and foremost on the needs of the residents, on existing local opportunities and are implemented with local institutions.

Adapted solutions

In designing these solutions, we also draw on the experience we have gained over the years and the knowledge we have acquired about technologies, financing mechanisms, materials and management of sustainable water supply systems.

Clean water to the houses

The approach chosen for Gondwe aims to bring water of drinking quality and available at all times to the residents' homes. The management of the water supply should be integrated into the complex urban supply system and be suitable for existing and changing population and housing structures. In addition, the system will be controlled and monitored in real time thanks to intelligent software and sensors.

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Chilufya Mabenga excavating for the water mains in Gondwe, Lusaka, 2021

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Foundation for the water tank with solar installation, Gondwe, 2022

Solar energy

When setting up the water supply in Gondwe, the focus was on solar energy, which is cheaper and more sustainable than conventional energy and also pumps water during power outages. The solar plant is located directly next to the 130,000 litre water tank.

Start-up funding for a sustainable system

WfW's start-up financing for the professional water supply in Gondwe aims to establish a long-term financing model under which the supply system is self-sustaining. To achieve this, we are working with inclusive financing models and integration into the professional urban water supply system.

Inclusive financing model

The aim is to enable all consumers in Gondwe to have access to household connections and to cover the running costs for basic water supply. This requires not only start-up financing for the construction measures of the supply network, but also a social payment model for the purchase of the household connection combined with subsidised water pricing.


The professional water supply will reduce the risk of infection from waterborne diseases and the time needed to fetch water. This frees up potential for possible education or economic activities for the residents of Gondwe.

The following components are necessary to provide the almost 10,000 inhabitants of Gondwe with a self-sustaining, high-quality and safely managed water supply:

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Lior and Morris Etter interacting with local authorities and partners in Lusaka, Zambia.


A detailed analysis of the situation and needs was carried out, including the collection of socio-economic data and a feasibility study for the planned infrastructure. This knowledge is serving as a basis to start developing improved systems.

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The first structural measures for the creation of a sustainable water infrastructure are the installation of a commercial borehole equipped with a hybrid solar-powered pump and a 75 m3 steel water tank placed on top of a water tower.

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20 construction workers from Gondwe have carried out the excavations for the laying of a 10.5 km water distribution network. The pipes transport the water from the tank to the residents. Many of the skilled water supply workers involved in the construction have completed the WfW-funded vocational training programme for sanitation at LVTC.

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A strong involvement of the neighbourhood association complemented the implementation of the measures, with meetings with all stakeholders, door-to-door campaigns and awareness-raising measures being at the forefront. The population was informed about the plans and households were able to sign up for a connection.

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Establishment of a temporary, local customer centre of the LWSC to look after the water supply infrastructure. A place where customers can get information and pay their bills during the implementation phase of the measures.

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550 new households will be connected to the new water supply network with household connections. Each connection will be equipped with a water meter, where the monthly water consumption will be read and billed. The water meters are an important instrument to guarantee cost transparency and fair prices.


Based on previous experience, we know that building a sustainable water supply network takes time, regular monitoring and a close exchange with the local population. WfW has a local office in Zambia and our team members visit Gondwe regularly to ensure a long-term evaluation. If necessary, timely measures can be taken together with our partners. Therefore, the development and construction of this water supply system takes place in close cooperation with the most important stakeholders in Gondwe.

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Luke Mwanza, neighbourhood chair of Gondwe and Peter, part of the neighbourhood association

Neighbourhood Association Gondwe

The cooperation with the residents is key for successful project work. Die Zusammenarbeit mit der Zivilbevölkerung ist der Schüssel zum Erfolg. Active participation and co-determination by the so-called "Project Task Teams" go from the initial planning phase to realisation.


Lusaka Water Supply & Sanitation Company (LWSC)

The Water Supply Company of the Lusaka province LWSC has the official mandate for water supply and sanitation. In Gondwe, LWSC is active from the planning phase to implementation and is also responsible for the long-term maintenance of the infrastructure.


Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor (WSUP)

WSUP is a british multisector organization with local offices in Zambia and other african countries. In Gondwe, WSUP coordinates all the measures.


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