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WfW GASTRO: Drinking tap water in the restaurant and thus enabling water and hygiene projects in Mozambique and Zambia. Finally, this is possible again - that is also the opinion of friendly athletes.

Fabian, Sarah, Valentin, Ariella and Tranquillo can finally go back to the restaurant and they engage themselves pro bono for our campaign around the reopening of the gastronomy. Some of them are already long-time WfW patrons - a matter of honor that they now carry the message of WATER FOR WATER (WfW) to the public. The same applies to the photographer Herbert Zimmermann, who photographed the athletes in his usual atmospheric manner. Without this valuable support from our network, such a campaign would not be financially feasible for WfW.

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Valentin, Sarah, Tranquillo and other athletes show how it’s done: Visit your favourite WfW partner restaurant and support the gastronomy and WfW. We look forward to seeing your picture with the hashtag #SupportWfW!

After one year of school closures due to Corona, WfW is currently contributing to the fact that more than 95,000 children in 50 elementary schools in Maputo are again receiving contact teaching. Support us so that many more projects like this will be possible!

Ariella Kaeslin – now in Lucerne

20210609 Kampagnenshooting Kaeslin Ariella Zimmermann Herbert 16 low
Support Wf W ENG
Plakataushang ariella

Vice world champion and European champion in artistic gymnastics, physiotherapist & tap water drinker

Ariella knows from her own experience that health cannot be taken for granted. She is therefore working with WfW to ensure that people stay healthy thanks to clean water.

Fabian Lustenberger – now in Bern

Clean water ENG
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Plakataushang fabian

Professional football player, father & tap water drinker

As YB captain, Fabian takes responsibility. He does the same in his commitment to WfW: As a supporter and friend of our organization, he is committed to a climate-friendly approach to water.

Valentin Stocker – now in Basel

Hat trick ENG
20210505 Kampagnenshooting Stocker Valentin Zimmermann Herbert 07 Low Res
Plakataushang Valentin

Professional football player, animal friend & tap water drinker

A hat-trick for Valentin: visit the favourite restaurant, drink tap water and thus make clean water possible - a matter of course for him as a long-time WfW patron.

Tranquillo Barnetta – now in St. Gallen

Plakataushang tranquillo
Water is life ENG
20210505 Kampagnenshooting Barnetta Tranquillo Zimmermann Herbert 19 Low Res

Ex-football player of the Swiss National team, father & tap water drinker

After being a safe value in the Swiss national football team for many years, he now promotes the value of safe water and sanitation in Zambia and Mozambique.

Sarah Akanji – now in Zurich and Winterthur

20210609 Kampagnenshooting Akanji Sarah Zimmermann Herbert 12 web
Chancengerechtigkeit aktuell
Alive wfw

Co-founder of the first women's team of FC Winterthur, politician and tap water drinker

Equal opportunities are important for Sarah: both on the football pitch in Switzerland and in vocational training and water supply in Zambia.

Thank you!

In addition to the athletes and the photographer, we would also like to thank the team of the restaurant Drei Könige in Lucerne, which generously made their location available to us for the campaign shootings and has supported WfW as a GASTRO partner for years. We would also like to thank ALIVE Media, Nau.ch, Modul and Passive Attack for their cooperation, as well as all the other dedicated contributors who worked so hard on the campaign.

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Media reports about the campaign


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Innovative concepts give gastronomy and hotel establishments an alternative way of handling water.
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50 primary schools in Maputo have resumed regular school activities thanks to a comprehensive protection concept.
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The WfW Documentary provides a unique insight into our projects in Zambia and Switzerland.

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