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Thanks to the implementation of comprehensive protection measures and the joint efforts of the local authorities, WATER FOR WATER (WfW) and our partner organisations, all of the 50 primary schools involved were able to reopen their doors for normal school activities.

Back to School Ceremony. WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW).

Hand Washing Stations | Pictures by Edson Artur and Ricardo Franco | WfW (2021)

Hand Washing Stations. WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW).

We have already reported on our work at primary schools in Maputo at an earlier point. Due to the Corona pandemic, all schools in Mozambique had to be closed in the summer of 2020. In response to the nationwide school closures, WATER FOR WATER (WfW) combined resources with local authorities and partnership organisations to work towards a timely resumption of regular school operations at 50 primary schools in Maputo. Our joint efforts successfully prevented the affected students from missing another school year and further exacerbated existing social inequalities.

We are particularly pleased to announce that all 50 primary schools have now reopened their doors for normal school activities. This has been made possible through the implementation of comprehensive protective measures that ensure a safe resumption of classes in line with all current regulations.

The following measures were successfully implemented as part of the "Back to School" project:

Installation of almost 470 mobile hand-washing stations at all 50 schools.

Distribution of 70,000 soaps to pupils and teachers.

Training of all 25,000 school children on hygiene practices and disease prevention.

Employment and training of five WASH activists for further education and regular monitoring of hygiene practices in fourteen of the 50 schools.

Training of two stationary WASH assistants in each of the fourteen focus schools, who are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the WASH infrastructure. In all other schools, the Maputo City Council is responsible for monitoring the sanitation infrastructure.

Training of 280 volunteer students, the so-called WASH nuclei, who act as role models and support the implementation of good hygiene practices at their school.

Following the successful start of all measures in the past weeks, which have established themselves as a daily routine at the 50 primary schools, accompanying project measures are planned in the municipality of Magoanine "C" as a further step. In addition to regular hygiene promotion activities with a focus on Covid-19 prevention measures, key project goals are the development of an inventory of the current water supply situation as well as the development of an action plan for the containment of Covid-19 infections in cooperation with local experts and officials.

Back to School Ceremony_Ricardo Franco

Opening speech by Edmundo Ribeiro, City Councillor for Education and Sports in Maputo

Back to School Ceremony_Ricardo Franco

Inauguration of the materials provided | Ricardo Franco




In cooperation with local partner organisations, WfW implements projects fostering sanitation and hygiene in Mozamb...