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Do you remember our "Water flows. Water connects" series? It’s time for season 2!

How, why, and with whom we work is equally important to what we do. That’s what we want to focus on in the new edition of the series. By bringing you closer to the people and institutions we are connected with, we want to give you a deeper understanding of our approach and show you why and how the sparks fly.

As our activities are wide-ranging, you will get to know different characters and approaches from our sphere of activities in Mozambique, Switzerland, and Zambia. Stay tuned and catch some sparks we ignite together with the people we are connected with.

September 25th, 2023

Green Innovation Challenge Bootcamp in Zambia

In August, we launched our first sustainability service in Zambia. The synergy of minds from various backgrounds and industries embodies our ethos at WATER FOR WATER (WfW).

With our new offering in the field of Corporate Social Innovation (CSI), we want to contribute to a sustainable future by igniting the sparks through connecting people, fostering growth and nurturing impactful businesses. Together with our partners, we want to carry out our mission in areas beyond water access and skills development to the environment as a whole.

In collaboration with Zanaco, the leading bank in Zambia, we designed the Zanaco Green Innovation Challenge powered by WfW. We received over 100 applications and selected sixteen eco-warriors from eight businesses for a week-long bootcamp at the sissing sanctuary near Chongwe, Zambia. The selected startups are focused on sustainability in areas like green energy, water, health, agriculture, and climate change.

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202309 ZGIC Bootcamp Namukolo Siyumbwa Eness Photography 149 2
202309 ZGIC Bootcamp Namukolo Siyumbwa Eness Photography 036 1
202309 ZGIC Bootcamp Namukolo Siyumbwa Eness Photography 037 1

During the bootcamp, we worked hand in hand with the innovators to refine their sustainable solutions, transforming them into impactful business offerings. The WfW team and external facilitators provided training on lean canvas modelling, customer journeys, impact measurement, ESG financing, and storytelling for businesses. On the final day, the innovators pitched their ideas to twelve external experts from various industries, including fashion, technology, consulting, finance, risk management, and water utilities, who offered guidance and feedback.

202309 ZGIC Bootcamp Namukolo Siyumbwa Eness Photography 167

"The bootcamp was an enriching experience, offering insights into local innovations and affirming our capacity to run such challenges."

Radhia Mtonga – Project Lead Innovation Services & Partnership WfW Zambia

Following the bootcamp, five startups were selected to participate in the pitch event to be held soon, where three businesses will be granted seed funding to help scale their sustainable solutions.

Do you want to let the sparks fly with your company in cooperation with us? Contact us! Together, we’re not just supporting businesses in the field of sustainability but building a better world.


In our ongoing commitment to enhance WASH conditions in Maputo, we're thrilled to provide you with some behind the scenes insights: let’s talk soaps!

YAKOKO, a WfW social business in Maputo, is dedicated to crafting handmade soaps that play a vital role in improving WASH conditions. The coconut-based soaps not only boast 100% local, natural and biodegradable ingredients but are also locally produced and sustainable.

We take pride in having distributed over 100,000 YAKOKO soaps to primary schools in Maputo, making a substantial difference in the lives of young learners. As Irondino Machaieie, Chief of Operations at YAKOKO beautifully puts it, "Taking care of each other, hand in hand." But that's not all – when you choose YAKOKO soaps, you're not just purchasing top-quality, eco-friendly products; you're also contributing to a fantastic cause. YAKOKO ensures fair working conditions and approaches each soap-making process with meticulous care and attention. Through YAKOKO, we are actively working towards improving hygiene and water access while championing sustainable, locally sourced products.

202210 Soap Factory Nora 230
202308 YAKOKO manufactory Lior Visit Átila Cézar 19 1
202210 Soap Product Cassio Dimande77 1

The efforts of YAKOKO and ÁGUA POR ÁGUA (ApA), the local WfW organisation in Mozambique, align perfectly with our overarching mission of elevating WASH conditions in schools and making a positive impact on the lives of children and communities in Maputo. Water Flows. Water Connects. Water Sparks.

Adrian Schröter – WfW Supporter

Meet Adi – a true WfW journeyman! Adi's connection with WfW began during school days and on soccer fields, where he spent time with WfW co-founder Morris Etter. Since 2014, he's been a supporting force behind our organisation in various capacities. From WfW COMPANY acquisition - “not too successful” in his words - to sandblasting drinking glasses or delivering our iconic carafes, he's done it all: earning the nickname "Roady on the Road."

But Adi's passion didn't stop there. In 2015, he cycled from Switzerland to Amsterdam, raising CHF 3,500 for WfW on this journey! Adi has always supported us voluntarily because he wants to do good. Nowadays, he shares his expertise with WfW as a financial controller. His most recent support has been helping to structure WfW's financial results for better control and budgeting: he's gone from "Roady" to "Johnny Cash."

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Adi's story shows beautifully that we can always count on good people, their commitment, and their expertise to ignite the spark. You, too, can join hands with us, contributing your unique skills. Whether in Mozambique, Switzerland or Zambia, your expertise matters to us. Do you want to get involved yourself? Let's talk in Maputo, Lucerne, or Lusaka, whether in presence or digitally. Let's spark together!

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signed between WfW & CMM

The Maputo City Council (CMM) is a key partner for us and our work in primary schools in the capital of Mozambique. We are thrilled to share some big news: WfW and the CMM have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) – this is huge because it will further deepen our collaboration!

CMM's role in Maputo City is nothing short of vital: They oversee urban development, sanitation, drainage, solid waste, environmental quality, and primary education. Our common journey began in 2018, and our first big milestone was the approval of the "Maputo Municipality Primary Schools Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene Strategy" in December 2020, co-created with WfW. Within the context of this Strategy, we have implemented projects in four primary schools and are currently working with two primary schools in Katembe, a fast-growing area on the periphery of the city.

202308 Signing of Mo U with CMM Átila Cézar 65
202308 Signing of Mo U with CMM Átila Cézar 50
202308 Signing of Mo U with CMM Átila Cézar 87

The MoU was officially signed by Lior Etter, Managing Director of WfW, and Eneas Comiche, President of CMM. The signing ceremony was witnessed by Bacelar Muneme (WfW WASH coordinator in Mozambique), Edmundo Ribeiro (Councilor for Education and Sports), Teresa Zandamela (Director of Municipal Services Education) and Acácio Nguambe (Deputy Director of Municipal Services Education), all who held key roles in making this possible.

Bacelar Muneme Wf W

"This milestone enables us to continue our efforts in improving WASH conditions in primary schools with a strategic partner."

Bacelar Muneme – WASH coordinator Mozambique

The purpose of this MoU is clear: collaboration! Together, we'll work towards our shared goals, leveraging expertise from both sides to maximise resources and efficiency. Our joint efforts will establish sustainable school WASH services in Maputo’s primary schools, adhering to CMM regulations and policies. It's all about making a sustainable impact and preventing parallel systems!

School year opening at LVTC & MTTI

Getting in contact with a vocational training school was one of our first activities when WfW started to be active in Zambia in 2013. We quickly realised that it is not only about infrastructure but also about empowering the next generation. Vocational training plays a crucial role in ensuring professional water and sanitation services and is a key part of our holistic approach.

To let the sparks fly, we are dedicated to supporting young talents from low-income backgrounds as they pursue certifications in water-related fields at local vocational training schools. Today, we partner with two vocational schools, the Lusaka Vocational and Technical College (LVTC) and the Mansa Trades Training Institute (MTTI) and are supporting them on various levels.

202306 LVTC Handover PPE Francis Zawadi 116 2
202306 LVTC Handover PPE Francis Zawadi 126 2
202307 PPE Handover MTTI 21 2
202307 PPE Handover MTTI 33 1

Recently, we handed over Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to over 150 bursary students at the tertiary institutes we work with in Lusaka and Mansa, Zambia. In the respective handover events held with the staff and first-year students in June and July, we handed over work-suits and hard hats to the WfW-supported students at the vocational training institutes, setting them on a path to success in water-related courses.

We are committed to ensuring that the young people in Zambia are adequately trained, to guarantee safe access to drinking water in their communities. Over the years, we have supported the education of over 600 students in water-related vocational training in courses such as Water Operations, Plumbing, and Pipe Fitting

Stay Tuned

Want to hear more stories from water-connected people? Follow us on our social media channels and visit our website again soon. We look forward to diving into the stories of the water-connected with you!

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