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Consciously, persistently and with enthusiasm, we want to continue to work for a future-proof and fair approach to water. With entrepreneurial, social and ecological approaches to solutions, we will continue to pursue the goal of making an impact wherever we are active: In Mozambique, in Zambia and in Switzerland. To this end, contributions from WfW friends are of central importance. With your donation, we can continue to act independently and innovatively and develop in a meaningful way. Will you support us in this?

Will you support us in this? November 28, 2022


Your financial support promotes the further development of WfW and thus strengthens our project work in Zambia, Mozambique and Switzerland. Because we break away from common stigmas, we address problems in dealing with water in Switzerland and pursue previously untapped opportunities in Zambia and Mozambique. In this way, we strengthen local value chains and break down dependencies - and you get to be part of a sustainable and fair approach to water as a resource.

Some concrete insights into our project work:

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Vocational training in Zambia

Zambia lacks skilled workers to build and maintain water supply systems. Together with two vocational schools, LVTC in Lusaka and MTTI in Mansa, we provide young people from low-income urban areas with water-specific vocational training. This builds local know-how and infrastructure to maintain and expand professional water supply systems.

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WASH in schools in Mozambique

In many school areas in Maputo, there are either no intact sanitary facilities at all or they are in desolate condition. By improving the WASH situation at schools in Maputo, Mozambique, we are creating the conditions for children to learn in a safe environment. Because girls and women are particularly affected by the lack of sanitary facilities, our WASH projects make an important contribution to more gender equality in education.


WfW AQUADEMIA in Switzerland

In the Swiss educational landscape, too little attention is paid to the use of water as a resource. The WfW AQUADEMIA educational programme works with students to develop the relevance and current challenges surrounding the "blue gold". This makes it possible to illustrate global interrelationships and to work on ecological, social, economic and political issues and develop room for taking action for a future-oriented approach to water.


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