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Last Sunday, WfW Enabling Mind Valentin Stocker – VS14 – took leave of his career as a professional football player and organised his farewell game with former teammates at the Joggeli stadium in Basel. Vali provides the entire proceeds to WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW).

13th September, 2023

Last Sunday, the farewell game of Valentin "Vali" Stocker took place. Vali is a former professional footballer, a long-time friend of Lior, and WfW Enabling Mind. Former companions from FC Basel and Hertha BSC Berlin attended his farewell game – including FCB legends as well as currently still active professional footballers – to play with their prior teammate and captain one last time.

Vali organised his farewell game together with the FC Basel and ensured that the entire revenue of the event, which almost 8,000 visitors attended, will go to WfW. But not only that; he also made it possible for us to decorate the black and white special jerseys with our WfW-logo. The vegetarian catering in the hospitality area was provided by our partner Za Zaa, and the tap water was available in our carafes. As the icing on the cake of the event, WfW co-founder and managing director Lior made his "comeback" as a footballer and contributed with two goals to a more than successful day.

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Behind the Scenes

While Lior attended the spectacle on the pitch, WfW employees were busy behind the scenes: They diligently collected empty deposit cups from the spectators, informed interested people about our variety of projects or looked after the information desk in the hospitality area. In addition to the jerseys with the WfW logo, our bottles in VS14 design were also in use on the pitch.

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WfW Enabling Minds

As Enabling Mind, Vali is one of 15 personalities who support us in ensuring the most significant possible degree of institutional independence. With their support, they work for a fair and climate-friendly approach to water resources in Switzerland, Zambia and Mozambique. In addition to the financial commitment of our Enabling Minds, WfW particularly appreciates the know-how and network they bring from their respective fields and share with us.

We are excited to provide interested parties with more in-depth information about a possible Enabling Mind partnership. Further links are below.


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