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Lior and Morris Etter interacting with local authorities and partners in Lusaka, Zambia.


From a round-the-world trip to a non-profit organisation
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The news platform supports us as media partner in our ongoing campaign. The current series of articles portrays our project work in Switzerland, Zambia and Mozambique as well as the current commitment of five well-known Swiss athletes to our vision of environmentally friendly and socially responsible water consumption.

The main article about WfW tells the story of how our organisation came into being: The idea for WATER FOR WATER was born on a joint trip through Europe and South-East Asia by Lior and Morris Etter. On this journey, the founders experienced first-hand the impact that a lack of water and sanitation has on the everyday lives of many people. With the founding of WfW, they set themselves the goal of counteracting the country-specific inequality of water access.

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Partnerships with businesses and the gastronomy generate funds for WfW's project work.

"The brothers wanted to use the example of water to create a social balance that could be integrated into our everyday consumption. As a result, Lior and Morris founded the non-profit association WATER FOR WATER (WfW)."




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