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With the final presentation outlining the results of a comprehensive analysis of the Zambian water sector, WfW is taking another important step towards sustainable strengthening and quality improvement within water-related vocational education and training in Zambia after intensive months of data collection.

After months of work on a market analysis that kept our WASH & Knowledge team on their toes, Samuel presented the results to our clients and numerous experts from the Zambian water sector. Based on over 100 interviews and discussions, the study assesses both the demand of the private sector in terms of the skills of their employees and the training needs of skilled water supply workers and electricians.

The analysis provides important tools for understanding Zambia's water sector and continues to expand our expertise and advisory competence in the sector. We are confident that our findings and recommendations will contribute to further improving the quality of water-related vocational training in Zambia.

Many thanks to the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ), GFA Consulting Group and all other stakeholders for the valuable cooperation!

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WASH expert Samuel Renggli presents key assessment findings to clients and the expert committee.




Together with LVTC, WfW has been providing training for plumbers and water operators since 2015. 
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