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At the event "Into the Future" we looked into the future of WfW with more than 200 partners and friends and invited them to the new offices in Lucerne. A big thank you to everyone who celebrated this day with us and made it so special.

We started the second WfW decade together

As a highlight of the event, Co-Founders and Managing Directors Lior and Morris Etter, together with Sekayi Fundafunda, Manager Services, Partnerships & Innovation, from Zambia, presented a strategic outlook for the coming years of WATER FOR WATER (WfW) in a panel discussion. Morris and Lior first looked at the past decade and then joined Sekayi in looking at significant questions for the future. They came to a personal consensus on issues of equality and anti-racism. WfW's work at eye level and "raising awareness" and appreciation of three countries and cultures was a particular focus of the speakers. Listening to the conversation provided profound insights into the international WfW organism and created an appetite for further years of cooperation in a transcontinental context.

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The Human Library – how we work

At our event, we invited visitors to consult the most beautiful library in the world: The WfW Human Library. Four WfW employees introduced themselves as "open books" and engaged in dialogue with visitors. From financing WfW in contrast to other non-profit organizations, WfW's contribution to global water supply or gender justice to internal insights on partnership building, there was a lively exchange.

In addition, the participants had the extraordinary opportunity to get to know WfW employees from Mozambique and Zambia virtually and to exchange ideas with employees from Switzerland on a face-to-face basis.

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The culinary art

Culinary highlights of the day were provided by the marvelous vegan restaurant Mairübe. The vegan delicacies ensured an exuberant mood. This was crowned by the generous donations of drinks from our partners, which, depending on the gusto, flattered every palate —a big thank you to all supporters at this point.

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Musical entertainment

Into the Future also had a lot to offer musically: David Buntschu first set the rhythm and with his lyrics, caused a smile or two, accompanied by childlike enthusiasm. At a more advanced hour, the band Siselabonga seduced the vocal cords of the audience as well as rhythmic dancing.

David Buntschu, a personality who was already important in the past as the first employee of WfW, accompanied us into the future. Even more remarkable that he launched his new record at our event.

is a collective platform band with roots in Switzerland and Senegal. Their musical work underlines the valuable intercultural cooperation and drew a connection to our activities.

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Slide in memories

We were very happy that you all came in large numbers to sing, dance, talk, and toast with us.

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