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More than ten years have passed since WfW was founded, during which time the organisation has grown from a duo of brothers to a small international WfW organisation with over 30 employees in Mozambique, Zambia and Switzerland. What started with twelve partner companies and a turnover of 68,000 Swiss francs in the first year has since become a network with more than 600 partner companies and other WfW supporters, with which we have generated almost twelve million Swiss francs to date.

19 December 2022

Ten years is a long time and looking back it is not easy to appreciate all the single small steps we have taken since then. Nevertheless, looking back, we have recorded some of our most impactful milestones. In doing so, it is important for us to note that such impact figures represent an ambivalent currency for us: While quantifying the impact of our activities in Zambia, Mozambique and Switzerland is a communicative concern for us, it should never become an end in itself. Because we are aware of this, we also communicate qualitative activities whenever possible, which are just as important in achieving our goals.

With the almost 12 million Swiss francs that we have been able to implement since 2012, we have been able to achieve the following impact:

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202212 Impact EN2
202212 Impact EN3
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202212 Impact EN5
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In cooperation with local partner organisations, WfW implements projects fostering drinking water and vocational tr...


In cooperation with local partner organisations, WfW implements projects fostering sanitation and hygiene in Mozamb...
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We create ecological value in Switzerland and integrate the concept of redistribution into everyday life.