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Launch of the COVID-19 protection campaign in Lusaka

Lusaka, Zambia Many Zambian schools have resumed regular school attendance only to a limited extent after the state-imposed lockdown due to a lack of protection and hygiene measures. WASSER FÜR WASSER (WfW) has responded to this problematic situation by developing a comprehensive COVID-19 protection campaign that allows students of the Lusaka Vocational and Technical College (LVTC) to continue their education safely. LVTC is the first of 28 vocational schools nationwide to offer a substantial set of measures to protect the health of students and employees and is thus of a first-mover character. Interest in the new protection campaign is correspondingly high. At the request of the Ministry of Higher Education, WfW is currently examining the possibility of expanding it to other training institutions.

At the small launch ceremony on October 16, 2020 the guests included not only students and employees, but also representatives of the Ministry of Higher Education and of our partner organizations, GIZ (German Association for International Cooperation) and WSUP (Water & Sanitation for the Urban Poor). Our team colleague Tumba Mupango, WfW Coordinator Zambia, was significantly involved in the development and implementation of the COVID-19 campaign. Her speech at the launch event made the handover of the COVID-19 protection- and hygiene materials to LVTC official. The set of measures include locally manufactured handwashing stations, soaps, clinical thermometers, hand-sewn face masks for all students and school staff, as well as trainings in hygienic behaviour and protection measures conducted by the Department of Public Health.

With over 500 students, LVTC is one of the largest vocational training centers in the country. In cooperation with WfW, LVTC has been providing vocational courses in the sanitary sector (Water Operations & Supply / Plumbing) since 2015. Not only the currently 176 students of the water-specific courses financed by WfW benefit from the COVID-19 protection campaign, but all students and employees of the vocational school.

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