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Have you ever thought about the blue shades of water? Curaprox presents them to you in their "Into the Blue" edition. With six toothbrushes, ranging from an almost translucent shade to royal blue, Curaprox is supporting us with a PER UNIT partnership.

19. September 2022

Blue, bluer the bluest. With its "Into the blue" edition, Curaprox supports our educational program WfW AQUADEMIA and thereby promotes awareness for the economical use of water as a resource. In line with our PER UNIT concept, every purchase of such a box means not only an investment in bright white teeth, but also in more water knowledge. The CHF 10 donated to WfW per box is based on the awareness of responsibility and finds its value in teaching the careful use of water. How much water do I eat? How much water do I wear? How much water do I consume? Questions that demand to be addressed, to be discussed. In this ambition, the blue toothbrushes from Curaprox offers another step in the right direction. Are you ready for this step into the blue wonder?


Get your blue toothbrush here.

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