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"We had the courage to go through with it without the fear of what would happen if we failed."
Morris and Lior Etter in conversation with SI GRUEN.

For the latest issue of Schweizer Illustrierte's GRUEN magazine, Morris and Lior Etter, co-founders and executive directors of WfW, returned to Tropenhaus Wolhusen six years after their last SI Portrait. In an interview with Michelle Schwarzenbach, the brothers talk about their recent project visit to Zambia and Mozambique, explain how the needs and requirements in the project areas are shifting with the pandemic and look back on WfW's eventful nine-year history.

With best thanks to the SI GRUEN editorial team for this well-written article! Side note: WfW as an "aid organisation"? It is important for us to emphasise that we understand ourselves as an internationally operating non-profit organisation. Our work is not aiming to create dependencies, but to enable self-sustaining systems and local value chains in Mozambique, Zambia and Switzerland.

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Picture: Herbert Zimmermann


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The WfW Documentary provides a unique insight into our projects in Zambia and Switzerland.