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We are delighted to have a new partner in our network, Bioweingut Sitenrain, whose sustainable and holistic approach is a wonderful fit for us.

May 15th 2024

Bioweingut Sitenrain: In Harmony with Nature

"WfW fits perfectly with our philosophy of sustainable, organic winemaking," explains Nora Breitschmid, Managing Director and winemaker at the Sitenrain organic winery in Meggen, Lucerne. "We are delighted to combine ecological and social commitment in this partnership and to make a joint contribution to the climate-friendly use of water."

Since its inception in 2003, the innovative wine company has focussed on water-friendly cultivation of its vineyards and uses collected rainwater for this purpose. In addition, only new, robust grape varieties are cultivated to be able to practise sensible, consistently organic viticulture north of the Alps without pesticides.

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Nora Breitschmid, managing director and winemaker, Bioweingut Sitenrain.

Rainwater for the Vines, Tap Water for the Guests

In future, the organic winery will only use drinking water of the most local origin for tastings and events: tap water. The most local drink has a CO2 footprint up to 1,500 times smaller than that of Swiss bottled water. To offer its guests carbonated water, a small water station with a major ecological impact is being installed in Sitenrain.

Partnership Contributions with a Global Impact

WfW has been committed to the fair and sustainable use of water since 2012 - because drinking water should not be a privilege. Our more than 600 partner companies throughout Switzerland use tap water, give it a value and thus make WfW's activities possible. The partnership contributions flow into the implementation of WfW activities along the three thematic focus areas "Access & Health", "Education & Skills" and "Protection & Climate" in Mozambique, Zambia and Switzerland, where we enable and strengthen local value chains with our own small WfW organisations.

Nick Schwery, Project Manager Communications at WfW, is enthusiastic about the new partnership: "The Sitenrain organic winery stands for quality and sustainability, values that are also of central importance to WfW. By working together, we benefit from each other's networks and can sensitise even more people to water as a resource."

202404 Wf W x Breitschmid Heiniger 11 B

Happy about the joint partnership, from left to right: Nick Schwery (WfW), Patricia Meier (Bioweingut Sitenrain), Nora Breitschmid (Bioweingut Sitenrain), Fabian Weigelt (WfW), Berthold Nietlispach (Bioweingut Sitenrain).


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